Excellence is our culture.

Experience and expertise are the essential elements to the success of any project. For several years, this has been an edge for us in the Corporate & Entertainment Industry.


We offer excellence in these areas; Professional audio, System design, Sales & Installation of high level sonic impact with vocal intelligibility sound reinforcement system and rental of professional audio system. We take pride in providing you with utmost in professional equipment along with friendly and knowledgeable personnel.


From the preliminary planning to the final curtain we act as your partner and share in your project objectives and responsibilities.


We love what we do, and it always shows!

We partner with you to design cost-effective systems that suit your venues to create hitch-free events/production.

Why You Need Us...

Excellent sound is not a coincidence! Efforts are put in place to see that all technicalities are observed. When working with sound system at various venues, we all know just how many things can go wrong. But having a great audio system isn’t good enough; our primary goal should be 'communicating without distractions'.


To this end you need partners who can help you ensure you provide superlative services to your array of clientele at all times as it is one thing to offer event space and customer service but quite another thing to do so really well. With the plethora of options available you are bound to get confused and forget a thing or two.


AE Distinct Global Communications can partner with you to ensure there are no gaps in audio-visual services and provide you with excellent services that you will never forget. Whatever it is you have envisioned for your event, we can turn your dream into reality. Whether it is a small gathering or a big bash, we take care of all your end-to-end audio-visual services to make every event a grand success.


Let's partner with you to provide superlative Audio-Visual Services for you. We're in the business of building long-term relationships, which makes us a great company to collaborate with. We're here to make a real impact, and we have an undiluted passion for the excellence.