Sound Design for Theatre Production (2)

What image is your sound producing?


Mono/Center Cluster

Simply Means One Source. You Can't Really Be Creative With This Set Up As Everything Is Coming Directly From One Source, However You Can Still Be Creative With Your General Mix.

Stereo Imaging

Stereo imaging refers to the aspect of sound creation or reproduction concerning the perceived spatial locations of the sound source(s), both laterally and in depth.

An image is considered to be good if the location of the performers can be clearly located; the image is considered to be poor if the location of the performers is difficult to locate. 

One may speculate that this is due to the evolutionary importance to humans of knowing where sounds are coming from, and that imaging may therefore be more important than some purely aesthetic considerations in satisfying the listener.


Stereo With Centre

From Stereo Imaging, You Can Be More Creative- Putting All Your Vocals At The Centre And Moving The Instrument To Your Left And Right.


Surround System 

This works through the use of multiple speakers, however, it is important to note that the speakers are assigned for different purposes. 

This process allows listeners hear the different range of every element of the production, hence why it is important to always have your surround system design accommodate front left, centre, right, back left and right. This helps you to separate the dialogue from the action/music and also any special effect.


Right Tools

Right Microphones - What Mics Are Required, Headworn, Lapel, Handheld, Ambience Mic, Etc

Loudspeaker - What Position/Placement Is Best, To Be Suspended In The Ceiling, Wall Mount, Pole Mount Etc. This Can Affect Your Imaging As A Sound Architect, 

You need to design on paper what you want to achieve and how it will best interpret the producer/director's goal before you set up on site.