Sound Design for Theatre Production

Sound Design Is An Art And Practice Of Creating Sound Images For Different Kind Of Needs (Studio Recording, Live Events, Music Concert, Theatre).


What is Imaging?

This Is The Technique And Process Of Creating Visual Representation Of An Object. For Theatre Design, Our Design Must Be Able To Interpret The Script To The Audience Using Every Necessary Element To Deliver Every Minute Detail On Stage. An Early Meeting With The Director/Producer Is Essential To Get A Clear Understanding Of The Production Concept.


The Objective

As a Sound Designer, you are expected to create atmospheres, sonic textures and filmic ambiences that will create naturalistic and abstract worlds for the story (the mental impression created by a series of sounds), which aid the audience's emotional and dramatic connection with the performance.

Most importantly, Sound Designers understand the tremendous power of sound to aid the storytelling process, to transport an audience directly into the vortex of the performance and to make that performance a truly unforgettable experience.